Winter Boost Bundle (Save up to 33%)

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30 Defence Patches
30 Boost Patches
30 Energy Patches 

Ever find yourself struggling to stay energised and healthy through the winter months? Introducing our Winter Bundle – a powerhouse collection of Defence, Boost, and Energy Patches designed to keep you resilient and vibrant all season long!

  • As the temperature drops, bolster your immune system with our Defence Patch, a potent blend of zinc, vitamins, and botanical extracts designed to support and strengthen your body's natural defenses.

  • Combat winter fatigue and stay invigorated with our Boost Patch, a power-packed infusion of 25 vital vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that will leave you feeling vibrant and ready to conquer the chilly days ahead.

  • For sustained energy throughout the winter hustle, turn to our Energy Patch, enriched with essential B vitamins to fuel your body and combat the seasonal sluggishness. 

Elevate your winter wellness with the Kind Patches Winter Bundle – your trusted companion for a resilient and energetic cold-weather journey! 

Bundle includes: 

Defence Patches, Boost Patches, Energy Patches.