Blackhead Patches

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10 Charcoal Patches. 
Are you tired of those irritating blackheads? Meet our Blackhead Patches - powered by bamboo charcoal extract, they are designed to help clear your pores so you can feel more radiant.


Why you will love it

The Blackhead Patches are enriched with bamboo charcoal extract, which clears pores of blackheads and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, while adding gentle botanicals to refine pores, improve roughness and keep skin radiant.


Bamboo Charcoal Extract and other botanicals

How to use

Cleanse and dry your face. Make your nose moist with water before applying the patch. With dry hands, carefully peel off the Blackhead Patch from its backing and place the smooth side of the patch on the bridge of the nose. With wet hands, expel the air along the bridge of the nose towards the flanks of the nose so that the patch is firmly attached to the skin. Wait for the patch to dry completely (15-20 min) and start to tear it off slowly from the sides of the nose. Tear off the patch and rinse off with water. Use as soon as possible after opening the bag to avoid moisture deterioration.

Absorbs through the skin

Our patches are engineered for controlled release of ingredients through the skin. While the skin naturally blocks many substances from entering the body, our transdermal patches are specifically formulated to penetrate this barrier.

Bypassing digestive systems

Transdermal patches offer a distinct advantage over pills, as they deliver ingredients straight into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system, potentially enhancing bioavailability and minimising the risk of stomach upset or digestive problems.

Steady release

Transdermal patches are designed to gradually release their ingredients over a predetermined period. This sustained release ensures a more predictable and steady effect for a better and more pleasant experience.