Anti-Motion Sickness Patches

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30 Anti-Motion Sickness Patches. 

Are you feeling ill when traveling? Meet our Anti Motion Sickness Patches - effective patches that help you feel excited on your next adventure.

Why you will love it
The Anti-Motion Sickness Patch contains a high dose of active ingredients that helps you prevent motion sickness, all in one easy-to-use patch.

Made with
Datura Metel, Lily, Rhizoma Zingiberis, Mint, Acorustatarinowi, Fennel, Amomum Tsao-ko, Tangerine Peel

For external use only. Pregnant women, lactating women, infants, and those with damaged skin are prohibited. After the application, slight redness or pigmentation of the skin and mild itching are normal reactions. Please stop using it immediately or seek medical attention if you feel itching, burning, pain, etc. locally after the application. This product belongs to daily necessities and does not have the function of disease prevention and treatment. No substitute for medicines. Keep out of reach of children.